Women born in this sign are simply flawless!

This lady embodies justice, fairness and balance and is adorned with perfect judgment, impeccability and completeness. She is sociable and has a gift for communication and loves to be surrounded by friends and family.

She is charismatic and enchanting, which is why she attracts people to herself with incredible natural ease. It represents yin and yang, that is, it has a fascinating personality that is a mixture of rationality and logic and volatile emotions.

She is – Libra!

She will gladly enter into a discussion and refute someone’s lukewarm opinion, with her ‘cold head’ being helped by her charm. However, she is always open to reflection and, due to her benevolent nature, will admit her own mistakes if she can be convinced that she is wrong by a logical explanation.

Libra is looking for a strong bond and a partner who will shower her with small signs of attention, such as paper hearts and fresh flowers. Although they seem calm and composed, when relaxed Libra women can be very playful and romantic, and they will find the ideal love partner in Aquarius or Gemini. But mind games in love with Libra are strictly forbidden.

She will honestly say what is on her mind which means she will sometimes be painfully honest as well. Libra will be completely loyal to the chosen man, and in return will seek support and advice. She loves seduction and long whispers on the pillow.

Because of the character trait of constantly weighing opportunities, Libra women are often indecisive. Their friends can be frustrated by such a character, for example when they can’t choose which movie they want to watch. But her hesitation actually benefits Vaga’s friends because just as she takes into account her own tastes, needs and desires, she will also pay attention to the tastes, needs and desires of her friends.

They have this ability thanks to their familiar sense of justice and that is why Libra are great friends. Hearty and kind as she is, she loves meeting people with whom she has common interests. He will first experience an unbreakable friendship with Leo or Sagittarius.

You will recognize the Libra woman by the elegance with which her every movement and movement radiates. She is perfectly natural, lovely, graceful and always just her own. Her external features are regular facial features, dimples on her cheeks, a wide bright smile, beautiful teeth, a slender waist and accentuated hips. Libra is a perfectionist and is always tidy, neat hairstyles and her overall outfit is always balanced and subtle.

It will almost never happen to Libra that she has nothing to wear or that she has worn something completely wrong because she will take the time to choose the right clothing combination. She was born to know how to dress for every occasion and how to present herself in the best light wherever she was.

Libra loves fashion, but she will not follow it blindly, but will adapt the latest fashion style to herself so that her clothes fit her as well as possible. And even when dressed like everyone else, this creative will be wearing something that will make her stand out from the crowd, such as an unusual ring or a unique bracelet. She doesn’t like to overdo it with fashion details, and a good bag or shoes will make her happiest.

Libra women like long hair, and the make-up is light, natural and shiny… Libra will not leave the house if it does not have at least a drop of perfume on it because it is simply crazy about scents and likes to smell nice.

They buy scales studiously and carefully, they like fine things, so they would rather buy a more expensive and high-quality bag than a cheap and lower quality one. When they go shopping they will definitely take a break in the cafe to consider buying a certain item or not. At his favorite store, Libra will get close to the seller and always ask him for advice.

The planet Venus, which rules Libra, endowed this zodiac sign with an exceptional sense of aesthetics and an unmistakable eye for beauty. It is therefore not surprising that the list of the twenty best dressed women of all time compiled by Elle magazine included three famous Libra, actresses Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard and Brigitte Bardot.

They have conquered the fashion world with their elegant and super feminine style that never goes out of fashion. Singer Gwen Stefani is also one of the stylish icons of this sign, and what especially fascinates her is always the flawless make-up and porcelain complexion. Although she is a singer of a rock band, Gwen has no trace of a careless rocker. Her rocker outfits are carefully arranged which is in keeping with her sign, and even in the fiercest edition she still radiates tenderness.

Style icons born in this air sign are also Monica Bellucci, Kate Winslet, Catherine Zeta Jones and Catherine Deneuve.