Why love that returns rarely succeeds

Do you remember that feeling your favorite book gave you? You felt excited; you cried and laughed at the same time when you finished reading and everything seemed like magic.

Time passed, and you still loved the text. You talked about it for hours and said you would read it again. You did, but you didn’t feel the same magic as the first time, because you knew how it would end.

This happens when old love returns.

You think everything will be different this time and you tell yourself that he has changed, but so have you.

But as much as you want to believe, you know it will be the same.

You left him because he didn’t give you what you wanted. You wanted love, magic, long conversations, flowers and croissants on Sunday mornings. You wanted sweet messages, internal jokes and someone to support your dreams. But he wasn’t the one.

After a few months he said he had changed. He showed up one day with the flowers you love. He sends you messages every day, says he thinks of you, and takes you to a movie you’ve wanted to watch for a long time. He begs you for a second chance and you agree, because he is now everything you wanted and everything you deserve.

A month later you realize he’s the same. He is the love you have decided to leave.

The idea of ​​realizing after a breakup that you can’t live without each other and you’re back together sounds romantic. Just look at Carrie and Faca from the Sex and the City series: after six seasons of a broken heart, they end up married and live happily ever after.

It is true that love conquers all and is powerful. For the love of yourself you need to understand that he is not for you.
When you realize how amazing, fun and strong you are – then you will realize how valuable you are. And that he is not worthy. The relationship with him always leads to the same thing: to pain, insecurity and fears.

Do you want that again in your life? Do you want to wait for hours for him to answer you? Do you need all those quarrels and ugly words?

I wouldn’t say.

Your heart and mind are worth more than the love you want to return.
Laying off can be difficult and painful, but the reward is huge. One day you will experience unconditional wonderful love. You will be your own and free to ask for what you want.

One day you will have a love that will not need to come back because it will never go away.

Just be patient. He will show up- one day, in a way.