Why is it important to keep a diary?

In this fast-paced digital age, when we don’t have too much time for ourselves, diary writing is almost completely out of fashion. But our Dea, who always believes that time should be found for “soul hygiene,” points out that writing down thoughts and feelings is an important foundation for a healthier understanding of oneself.

The Diary of the Soul is an interesting evening ritual that helps us dive deeper and become more aware of ourselves: keeping records is a form of constructive encounter with oneself in which we simply and easily discover the fundamental subconscious patterns of the psyche.

In our diary of consciousness we can make a table, or chapters as in the former children’s lexicons, or simply draw mind-maps – as we see fit. We don’t even have to write in words (although it’s good to know how to define our internal processes): we can express ourselves with pictures or colors (e.g., draw sadness with a mottled black mess of ink). In a word, play with yourself in a constructive way that reveals us even deeper and more.

Diary of emotionsare a chapter that helps you become aware of your feelings and emotions, discern them and move away from them. At the end of the day, we simply write down the dominant emotions of that day. We will see that this is a lion’s task: in fact, we will not be able to remember all the emotions, because it is impossible. They come and go, rushing like waves and changing sometimes literally from moment to moment. This observation helps us see how silly we really are if we live solely driven by emotion: then we risk falling into a dangerous imbalance, significant loss of nerves and energy, and the life of a wind-blown leaf. Which is certainly exciting for a while, but only for someone – prolonged living in this way exhausts the psyche. It is true that emotions are often indicators of our essential experience of people and situations, but this is not always the rule: they can simply be “triggered” and caused by some external circumstance, and represent the internal material which hereby awaits its discharge. An opportunity to come to light and thus free himself.

For example, I have a client who genuinely adores her man. They are happily married and he adores her. Well, it is clear that the main and most frequent are her emotions towards him – the most beautiful ones (joy, excitement, fulfillment …) But sometimes – say the strongest in PMS, but also in some critical life situations – grune is an emotion of anger or some other a derivative of it, and in the weft always one and the same feeling: that of betrayal and sacrifice, although there is no real reason for it (the man supports her both mentally and physically, one of the most beautiful male characters I have had the opportunity to meet). The leading diary found that in fact the feeling of being threatened and betrayed by that victim was caused by situations of business pressure in her. As work is her medium of realization, and she has a work-oriented psyche, she consciously does not perceive business pressure as a problem, but a challenge. Therefore, her work triggers patterns, she is unaware of it at that moment, but a few hours later – when she hugs her husband who lovingly gives her peace to relax enough – the material rumbles out, and with it the emotion of anger. For months, she associated this anger with her husband, until in her diary of emotions she saw a different connection (i.e., this with work).

So, the most unusual insights can emerge like this. It is important to write down an emotion and connect it to an event or a person. It will often be shown to change: one person causes us joy at some point, sadness at another and that is so normal. But this gives us two things – we capture the primary emotion with which we react to the world, and we immerse the layer beneath the emotion, into the feeling, which gives us a picture of the main feeling. Well, that’s the real key to our basic psychoemotional state: the right portal to healing and discovering the main patterns of consciousness.

In parallel with this, it is wise to have a list of fears : through them we detect the main ones that are repeated. Some are paranoid, but some are information. These can be small fears, but also bigger ones related to health. It is good to write them in the diary of fears, then draw waves or flutters with a red felt-tip pen over them, symbolizing that we are giving them to the fire, ie lighting them and writing an arrow after them and then affirming ourselves in a state without fear.

In addition to this, an important chapter is the diary of thoughts : let’s twist millions a day, some of our own, some of others’ (inherited or “picked” from the air …), but the ones that are repeated are important. we discover by writing.

Especially magical are the dream diary and the wish diary . After a month of wish diaries, we see which are transient and actually irrelevant, and which essentially “chase” us – and by what they mean and how to realize them. And the dream diary is powerful for decoding messages from dream levels. We don’t even have to remember the dream scenario “Maybe just details. It should be written down and contemplated.”

Of course, sometimes we don’t get everything, and we don’t even need to (yes, it would be optimal, but realistically not possible). But we can do something every day: it is important to establish a daily moment of peace, an encounter with ourselves, especially when we are sad, angry and desperate. It is then that the encounter with oneself is most significant. Because it’s easy to contemplate ourselves in “sun-flowers-butterflies” states … But it’s crucial to look each other in the eye and hug when we’re shadowed by life. It’s development and growth – in a world of duality, wholeness is just so integrated.