When to listen to the heart and when to the mind?

The heart always forgives, so it “never learns”. It is always in the extreme – for or against, unreasonable. In that sense, emotions should not be listened to and followed, because they are changeable: they act exclusively according to the criterion of pleasure, but …

On the other hand, emotions need to be listened to in terms of “detectors.” They show if something is good for us or not, but only when we have the clarity to see them. So feeling shows, emotions oscillate. Because, it can happen that someone who you truly loves to awaken a negative emotion in you: and that is good, because it reveals a mental pattern, a way of thinking that may not be very constructive for you.Therefore, emotions should not be listened to, in the way of following them, but should be used: for creation, for the development of clairvoyance, for self-exploration of self.Because they are constantly changing, it is constantly to-not play with them.

It is most dangerous to build your worlds on them, precisely because they are changeable. However, it is advisable to use them as indicators. So the heart is “stupid” when it comes to thinking and making a decision, because it doesn’t think, it just goes. If it’s unconscious, it goes for emotions. And when the heart is conscious – it uses emotions but doesn’t give them primacy. That’s the key difference.

Here’s an example: my client was with a boyfriend with whom she often felt energetically attacked. But she translated it as “the energy of excitement.” It turned out that the man was an energetic vampire who repeatedly ruined her aura, so she felt restless. That restlessness was not a sign of creative blinking, but an alarm. And she translated things wrong from a strong desires (the desire of an immature heart) for “everything to be great.” When it occurred to her in the last Tarot Divination that she would find out about another woman next to him, which would shatter all her illusions and everything she had with him, and cause her immense sadness – and we told her so explicitly – she commented “no, it is not his other wife, but his mother. He’s probably going to have something to do with his mom, so he’s going to be sad, and then I’m going to be sad about him too. ”Yeah, yeah, he sounds stupid and idiotic. And that client of mine is one of the most intelligent people I know. This is not a matter of intelligence – this is how he “thinks”, ie looks at his heart when he is “stuck” in his desires, fantasies, expectations … I don’t have to mention that in three days it turned out that this guy was with another girl, right?

Anyway, where does our self-deception and propensity for the same come from? Because on some level we are hungry for love and convinced that we are not worthy of it. Hence the urge to buy and sell it. We buy, by doing certain deeds to get it, to keep it … We agree to compromises of various kinds and rub our eyes, and we feel. The heart, for example, feels – it knows immediately. The mentioned client, as soon as she met this boy, felt cold and afraid. But she rationalized and did not listen to herself. Old mental programs and fantasies about “how nice it would be to have someone to make love to, blah blah …” got involved and the emotions immediately became positive towards that man. So, screaming the feeling of alarm translated as “excitement”, while the heart spoke “danger”. See how emotions cheat? Because they are determined by our mental patterns. In her mind, this was reflected as a constant self-smearing of her eyes. Her partner was wonderful 10 percent of the time and they had so much fun, everything else was hard and she didn’t enjoy it: hard, aggressive, dominating … But she suffered because of her ten percent crumbs and, even worse, based on those ten percent crumbs of love built fantasies.

So, it’s like your lunch is burning, except for one small portion, and you claim (to yourself) based on the unburned portion that the lunch is fantastic. We’ve all done it somewhere before, and my client is no exception. But it is a valuable example of reminder and learning: the criteria are simple, the heart knows – whether it is happy or not. Is he satisfied or not. The heart knows, the feeling is clear, and the accompanying emotions, when repeated, scream information.

Also, usually deep sexual unfulfillment, and a desire for fulfillment, make us fantasize. To see in the criminal a benefactor from a great hunger for fulfillment. And how do we know somewhere deep that the thing is not right, we unconsciously “repaint” the picture, so as not to face it. How wise is that? Not at all. Once, twice in a lifetime, ok, to learn, but for a long time … This leads to scenes in which the husband drinks the whole house, the wife suffers for 20 years (“because he will change, because he is good when he is sober …”), and then in the end he accuses her of being an emotional circus and schizophrenic. .To the situation that the boy gambles half of the apartment, and the girl justifies him that gambling is “psychic therapy …”.

So, it is important to be fair to that heart that knows: to let the brain, the mind, to cooperate with it and objectively translate strong feelings to it. As much as the translations were not pleasing to the ego. But it is the only way to live your truth, respecting and living the wisdom of your heart.