We find out when you should sleep with your partner for the first time if you want a serious relationship

Scientists have come up with data that will surely surprise you

How do you know if it’s a smart move to sleep with someone right away or is it better to wait for sex with a new partner ? Scientists have dealt with this topic and come up with surprising results – if you want a serious relationship, you should sleep with your new boyfriend / girlfriend as soon as possible.

Some girls strictly follow the rule “no sex before the third date”. Some wait much longer and some not at all. But what is the right measure?

According to a study by the British dating site for married people Illicit Encounters, in which 2,000 people participated, more than a third of men fall in love after sleeping with their partner on the first date.

The study also found that a large number of couples end up in bed the first night they meet – 58 percent of men and 56 percent of women do so. Although many doubt the relationships that start with sex, 36 percent of women and 34 percent of men have confirmed that they have had a stable relationship with their partner.

However, the results of the study indicate that women are a little more careful when it comes to the first sex, unlike men who want to jump into bed immediately.

Women are more careful than men
One in six women (17 percent) said they would think less of a man if they slept with him the first night, compared to 11 percent of men.

A survey by the dating site found that 64 percent of women and 62 percent of men wanted to make love to someone on a first date , but refrained because it was too early. Far more women (40 percent) regretted jumping right into bed compared to men (27 percent).

Men do not regret sex
As many as 82 percent of women and 73 percent of men admitted that they were nervous during the first night when they had sex with a new partner. Women were most concerned about their appearance (84%) and then about their sexual skills (69%) and how a man would compare them to his previous partners (61%).

The greatest insecurity of men was their sexual performance (82%), followed by their comparison with previous partners (57%) and appearance (54%).

The ideal place for the first meeting of women is a drink at the bar (32 percent), and then a romantic lunch (27 percent). Men prefer the opposite – 41 percent (romantic meal) and 27 percent (drinking).

Is it completely normal to have sex on a first date?