Trust your feelings!

The mind represents the Male principle, and the Heart the female. That is why a Man and a Woman can rarely argue well: he speaks with arguments, she starts crying, he analyzes, she screams … Because they start from different centers

Our Inner Being – Leadership, Wisdom, Divine Spark … or whatever you call it – communicates with us through our feelings. So it’s very easy to find out what’s good for us and what’s not: follow how you feel with certain people and in certain situations (without any rationalization) and you’ll know exactly what the right decision is.

People are often accused of being “sensitive” or “oversensitive”. Still, it’s not a problem of accusation – generations are trained, programmed not to believe their feelings. Intentionally or not, the decision is up to each of us. But the fact is that man – taught not to believe in feelings, or to explain them with the mind – travels through life as a traveler without a compass. Of course, such a person is easier to manipulate, so historically it has been easiest to convince people that they do not believe their own feelings. Fortunately, this is changing: new generations are coming, more awake and aware of the Truth that hides in them and communicates with them precisely through feeling. 

Feelings show the Truth

Pleasant feelings reveal what is good for a person (the thoughts he thinks, the people around him, the situations he experiences) and what he is not. Of course, feelings are dangerous to confuse with emotionality. There is a subtle nuance between them, and the Tarot speaks of it through the symbol of water: for, feelings and emotionality are like water. When it’s like a harmonized river of calm flow, water represents a feeling. And when the river swells and goes wild enough to blow up the dams in front of it, then emotionality has taken over. A subtle shade … But how is it different, and why?

In the heart, say poets and mystics around the world, is stored all the wisdom of the Universe. It’s poetic, and it makes sense, but it’s interesting how the heart knows. Because it does not know the logic of reason. The heart does not ask why, for example, a flower is beautiful – it simply enjoys it. He cannot define it, nor does he need to explain it because the experience is so deep, that it is unspeakable. Like Love: no matter how many books have been written about it, love songs, psychological research …, so much it always remains unfinished. Because God / Goddess is alone: ​​it cannot be said in all the words of the world. 

At heart is the answer

That is why philosophy has no answers – only questions, questions, questions … On the other hand, the heart has no questions – and in it are all the answers of the Universe. But the Mind does not listen to the Heart – there is no communication between them because the Heart understands only the Language of Silence. And there is no silence in Reason: there is, in fact, the eternal noise of thoughts, concepts, stories … Reason talks with arguments, logically, thinks and conveys it in words. Full of doubt, heart of trust – because he never asks questions. That is why Reason thinks that the Heart is blind, and because of that they are the opposite, they do not communicate. 

Following only one path – either of the Mind or of the Heart – does not lead to the Pleasure of living because each path is exclusive, partial for itself. But to unite Heart and Reason and overcome their “quarrel” means to live fully, that is, to feel and know the truth (what is best for man), instantaneously. That is why a Man and a Woman can rarely argue well: he speaks with arguments, she starts crying, he analyzes, she screams … Because they start from different centers.

Modern civilization has made sure that Reason is the master and the Heart the servant. That is why there are so many frustrated and confused lives today: no one listens to himself (his Heart), so he cannot hear another, so chaos of despair arises. The conscious person lives the other way around: The heart is the master and the mind the servant, yet he knows that true miracles are possible when the Being is separated from both – when he lives with the consciousness that Man is not his thoughts, nor his feelings, nor his senses. tools of your pleasure. Then his heart is as pure as that of a newborn child, and his mind is ingenious, like Einstein’s … How to harmonize that dance, in the Tarot, water in the form of a Chalice tells.