This is why friendships that last for more than a decade are special

IF you have been with a friend for more than ten years, you should be happy because your friendship has stood the test of time. You certainly have a lot of friends, but not everyone is as special as the person you probably think of as you read this text.

Friendships are as old as wine, the older the better – writes  Bright side , and here’s why the friends you have for more than a decade are special:

1. They really know you

When you’ve been friends with someone for over ten years, they know you completely. In fact, they know you so well that sometimes it surprises you how fast they can read you. You can’t hide anything from them, you don’t have to say a word, you understand with your eyes.

2. Distance does not affect your friendship

It would be wonderful to see our best friend every day, but sometimes life has different plans. The good thing is that distance does not affect your friendship. Long friendships have certain advantages, one of which is the certainty that it will remain intact, regardless of distance. When you finally meet, that encounter will surely be filled with emotions and long hugs.

3. You can always count on each other, even though sometimes you don’t hear from each other for weeks

The good thing about long-term friendships is that both parties know that life is sometimes chaotic, so you can’t always find time to send a message or call. Your friend will certainly not get angry, although sometimes weeks may pass since your last conversation. When you finally find the time to hear each other, it will be as if nothing has changed and you will continue where you left off.

4. You know each other’s secrets

There is a reason why your friendship lasts so long, and that is because you understand each other well. When you are friends with someone for a long time, you bond with each other and confide your deepest secrets. When you open up to each other, even if you’re not the type to open up easily, you’ll probably tell your friend more than you would ever tell anyone else.

5. They know the most embarrassing stories about you

Ten years is a long period. During that time, you must have witnessed some rather embarrassing moments. Unfortunately, a friend will never let you forget those stories, no matter how long ago they happened. Your friend is there to remind you of every stupid thing you’ve done, whether you like it or not.

6. You have a lot of interesting stories from shared adventures

You must have had interesting adventures with your friend, and those memories will stay with you forever. Now you may lead different lives, but you will always remember those “good times” when you did crazy, sometimes stupid things together. You both know that those memories count the most.

7. You have been there for each other in important moments

You are always there for your best friend, especially when it comes to important events like graduation, promotion at work, weddings and birthdays. Although you are incredibly busy these days, you will certainly not miss an important event of your best friend.

8. They saw you in the best, but also the worst light

Best friend knows your real face. Most friends know you superficially, but your best friend saw you in the most vulnerable moments. He was with you when you were going through hard times. but also when you have experienced the happy ones. Your friendship is special because it is sincere.

9. It will be there for you to the very end

Now there are no more escapes, together you go to the very end. You have experienced so many things to get to where you are, so your friendship will most likely last for many more years.

Who did you think of while reading this text? It is an ideal opportunity to contact him / her, especially if you have not heard from each other for a long time.