These 3 signs of the Zodiac expect the best period until 20.06. 2020!

Period until 20.06. will provide some signs of healing and new joy. The energy will be inspiring and will bring good communication and creativity. It may seem to some that some things seem vague or that you are even trapped by some illusion. Still, it’s just a passing phase from which you can learn a lot. Here are the three signs of the Zodiac that good luck expects until June 20!

Gemini – Celebrate your solar revolution

It’s time for your return. Birthdays are always an opportunity for a fresh start, because every year at about the same time, the Sun returns to the same place it was on the day you were born.

As you go through the cosmic reset and spiritual cleansing, your greatest desires will be focused on good health, happiness, and well-being on your next journey around the Sun.

If you are looking for love, the retrograde Venus that passes through your sign brings you the opportunity to start a new relationship. Those in a relationship should now talk to a partner about all possible solutions and plans for a common future. Neptune will challenge Mercury and Venus through your career field, so focus further on professional contracts and negotiations.

Libra – Great motivation and fulfillment of desires

It’s time to start believing in yourself. As the Sun moves your ninth house of faith, education, and philosophy, you are likely to experiment with different desires, beliefs, and pleasures.

Your ruling planet Venus will bring you the fulfillment of desires in the near future. This is a great time to change or improve your business.

Mercury and Venus will be in a challenging aspect with Neptune, which will affect the sixth house of health, attention, diligence, daily rituals and work environment. Get well organized before you start your next project. Pay attention to the details.


Aquarius – The dormant divine awakens in you

Your happiness should always be a priority, and this is especially true during the reign of Gemini. With the Sun in Gemini radiating through your fifth house of family, romance, passion and authenticity, clear messages of the heart await you.

It directs you towards love and new encounters. If you are a creative type, great inspiration awaits you that will bring you victory in the career field.

Neptune awakens your dormant talents, and improvement is possible in the financial sector as well. Many will start dealing with something unique and unplanned. Success awaits you in many fields.