The greatest empaths of the Zodiac – This sign has the most developed sixth sense!

They feel the subtle vibrations of every man well. They live in a world woven of dreams and imagination, and in reality they are not doing their best. They regularly notice things that others unnoticed promote; they are not preoccupied with details, but with the whole. They are adorned with lush imagination, creativity, intuition and a visionary spirit, and often possess some rare talents and abilities.


Their ruling planet Neptune is the god of the sea and is associated with the subconscious, dreams and visions.

The natural house they rule is the deepest and most symbolic in man, the twelfth house, so these are often beings of faith and hope who do not think, but simply feel.

They work best in an atmosphere of peace and mutual inspiration, because they experience all the negative influences deeply. They express themselves with colors, verses and dance movements, but often they do not know how to emphasize and use their abilities, but they need the help of someone else.

5 reasons why Pisces is mystical

1. Like Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces is also a water sign. Water is an element of feeling in astrology.

It is significant in that it always has the ability to perceive invisible currents that speak to the state of things before things appear.

2. Like Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius, Pisces is a volatile and changeable sign, which means it is very easy to impress.


Because water provides early warning signs, inconsistency means received messages will be registered.

3. The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, a planet associated with the media, psychics and mystics of all kinds.

4. Pisces, the last sign, precedes Aries, the next and first of the signs, when the cycle begins to repeat itself. Pisces wants to preserve the valuable remnants of the last cycle for an unknown future that it feels intensely.

With one foot in the present and the other in the future, Pisces is open to visions of what might happen.

5. Just as Pisces in the ocean do not see the water in which they swim, Pisces often do not know that they are clairvoyant, especially if visions appear in small doses!

Unconsciousness of one’s own gift can betray them.

“I feel”

Pisces can dream some things that come true later or point out an important event to them, and they somehow most easily recognize the “signs”.

A lot of people born in this sign are great spiritualists. For them, this inner peace is extremely important, and if they do not find it, they often indulge in vices and thus run away from reality.

Yet, if they dedicate themselves seriously, they can attain enlightenment.

Their motto is “I feel” and they are mostly guided by what they foresaw, which is actually intuition.

A deeper purpose

Through the sign of Pisces, the individual will learn how to receive inspiration from a higher level, which is not earthly, and turn that inspiration into art.

Also, by receiving impulses from higher levels, they will learn to develop intuition, imagination, clairvoyance, connecting with the collective unconscious.

And after all, Pisces erases all boundaries of the material and other worlds, and reconnects with the infinite ocean of consciousness and with God, the Source of all that is.