She got pregnant with the wrong man: “You were easy prey for him, I doubt you’ll ever see him again.”

Although she is overjoyed to be pregnant, she is aware of her big mistake

Male-female relationships are often very complicated, and affair is considered to have become a normal part of our daily lives. This is proven by the emotional confession of a 25-year-old girl from Great Britain, who described how she got into a relationship with a married man, with whom she is now expecting a child …

An anonymous woman wrote a letter in which she revealed when she met the man, how she got into the affair, but also what she plans to do next in her life since he doesn’t want any more children.

– We met in March, before the quarantine. I was a waitress at a coffee shop, and he was working at a nearby construction site. He came with his colleagues every morning. He is very handsome and has a smile that melts hearts. I couldn’t believe that such a man was courting me. Colleagues teased him that his wife would go crazy when she saw him with me – the British woman pointed out.

In his story, he reveals that the man took the first step because he started coming to the cafe by himself, usually before the end of working hours. Whenever I looked at him, I would feel butterflies in my stomach, so it didn’t take much to fall for his charms …

The man told her he was no longer with his wife and then invited her to see each other in town and have a drink. After the first outing, they ended up in bed , and then they saw each other twice more during quarantine … She points out that she did not feel so desirable for a long time.

– I know that it was not a good decision because of the pandemic, but I thought that our relationship had a future after the measures were relaxed, since it showed interest in me. Last week I found out I was pregnant. I don’t know why I was surprised, I thought it couldn’t happen to me. I texted him thinking he would be thrilled, and then he told me he didn’t want another child. He never even mentioned to me that he had children. I want to give birth, but I think that my child deserves a good father – the unhappy woman concluded.

Player and easy prey
The letter of this young woman was read by a columnist of the magazine San who gave her opinion on this topic. He was a player, and she was easy prey.

– This guy is a player you were easy prey for. I feel sorry for his wife and children, I doubt you will ever see him again – the author wrote.