Seven signs that reveal that you have a real best friend

YOU MAY have thought your childhood best friend was a person you’d hang out with your whole life, but don’t be surprised if that’s not exactly the case. Of course, there are those friendships that last a lifetime, but over the years many relationships change. Some friendships all survive, and others break up.

With that, the older you get, the harder it is to recognize people you might consider true and best friends, but here’s how to know that this person is your “soul mate”:

1. He is your most loyal fan

As insane as the project you plan to embark on may seem, if you believe in it, so will your friend. They will support you and make sure you don’t slip while performing “life stunts” in the private and business field.

2. This is the person you call first

From not having your favorite chocolate in the neighborhood store to those sad, serious situations where you need a real friend. His or her number is always on speed dial.

3. Don’t question your friendship even if you haven’t heard from each other for days

Due to numerous obligations, days may pass without you being heard, but that does not disturb your relationship. What’s more, whenever you call or meet, you feel like you’ve been together all these past few days as well.

4. He is brutally honest with you

Even if they know that their opinion will not delight you, they will always tell you. 

5. It will make you laugh even if you would rather cry

Did you have a bad day at work? Are you going through a love shipwreck? They will first offer you a shoulder to cry on, and then make you laugh with hilarious comments, even if you believed you would never laugh again.

6. You are synchronized

Do you finish each other’s sentences and think almost the same way? No wonder, that’s how it is in true friendships.

7. Try to make birthdays special

Ok, that doesn’t mean you have to give yourself expensive gifts, but you don’t let your parents go unnoticed. Whether it’s a little surprise, a sudden go for lunch and coffee, or something third, you’re always there for each other. Especially on days reserved for celebration.