Real Friendships And Their Bad Copies

Friendships are an inevitable part of every human life. We all agree that without friends there is almost no reason for happiness.

Some friends you meet as small children, others you make later in life, some maybe quite by accident, but when we talk about friendship, it must be said that it is definitely difficult to know who and how much to trust and who is a true friend and who is just an acquaintance.

Well, friendships can be both a trap and a gift, depending on who we consider a “friend.”

How to recognize a real friend?
How to recognize a fake friend?

For starters, let’s start with those fake friends we all have even though sometimes we regret what we have.

You know that someone is not a real friend to you when you do not feel free with that person , when you think you have to be careful how you behave, what you say and how you look. When it comes to a fake friend, for the most part both we and they try to look as good as possible, in every way.

With fake friends, you always pretend to have some attachment that you may not even feel. Sometimes you even intentionally avoid meeting that person if you see her on the street and the like.

Yes, this type of fake friend is very easy to recognize.

But what if you were close, very connected, you confided in each other, rejoiced together, cried together, but suddenly everything changes and you realize that your “real” friendship is not really “real”. Maybe that friend hurts you, maybe he does exactly what hurts you the most, and he as a true friend shouldn’t do it because he knows how much it hurts you.

Unfortunately, in cases like this, there is no chance that you will find out in time if that person is your real friend.

Friendships are like games of chance, like gambling – sometimes you catch a goal, sometimes you fall to the bottom. And that’s fine.

We have to be careful who we trust, but we still have to accept the risk that comes with each new acquaintance, and that risk carries both betrayal and pain and sadness, but maybe this acquaintance is a new opportunity to make a real friend.

When you have a first friend, you will feel it. You will be close, connected, you will rely on each other, you will be each other’s shoulder to cry on. You will laugh, help each other, rejoice in your success, suffer for failure. Build other acquaintances together, break down some acquaintances.

True, sometimes you will argue, but when you have a real friend, it will not be difficult for you to admit a mistake , it will not be difficult for you to give in even though you may be right.

A true friend will see you in your worst edition, in bad and crumpled clothes, maybe even unshown, uncombed, sick… A true friend will not turn his back on you. A true friend will simply be there.

No, you don’t need to hear from a real friend every day, but when you hear each other, you naturally continue where you left off, without awkward silences.

In fact, with a true friend and silence sounds like the best conversation.

Yes, a true friend is a person with whom you like to share silence.

One failed friendship, no matter how hard it is to get over, is not an indicator of all your future friendships!
Be careful, but still be willing to give a chance to anyone you believe is worthy of your trust.