Proven recipe to get your partner back: Here’s how to make a man want you again

As shocking as this advice may be to you, we must say that it was given by a man

It can often be heard that women complain to their partners that they “don’t know what they want” and lose interest, whether it’s an early phase of a relationship or a midlife crisis.

Although this happens to many couples, the topic is complex and the reasons for giving up, insecurity and the like can be different. However, it is very important for women to know what they can do to keep their partner’s attention, especially if they notice certain negative patterns of behavior.

The key is to pay attention to his attitude towards you. If the days are unusually quiet and he shows no interest in sex, it can be an early sign that something is wrong and that he is moving away from you.

If you try to talk to him, and he claims that everything is under control, and at the same time he continues to behave the same, it is time to change your behavior.

All you have to do is retire. However, that does not mean that you should stop talking and punish him in that way, because it is absolutely not okay to do it to anyone . a person who has his own life and interests and then start behaving that way.

Dedicate yourself to your life, things that are important to you, without the need to consult your partner, waiting for him to make a plan and the like …

Unfortunately, most women do the exact opposite. They start worrying, questioning, yelling, which is why a man has an even greater need to take cover. The closer the woman gets, the sharper and more distant he becomes …

When you let him separate a little from you, you actually increase the chances of him starting to miss you, and even if you are under the same roof in the house, he will very likely become anxious and start thinking that he has lost you.

Therefore, in such situations, you should behave similarly to men. Dedicate yourself to your company, hobby, job. Give him enough time to reorganize his life and think about his behavior. That way, your partner will come back into your arms when he is ready.

As shocking as this advice may be to you, we must say that it was given by a man, who says that if you try this technique, if your partner loves you, he will be happy and will come back to you again. In case this technique does not give results, it is good that you will know what you are on and you will be able to go further, and not waste years next to a person who does not love you.