Planning a trip with a friend? Here’s why it’s not a good idea

SOUNDS like a perfect idea: you and your friend embark on an adventure together. However, traveling with another person is about the same as marriage. It is challenging, it can awaken extreme intimacy or irreconcilable differences and it can ask you the tricky question: “How not to lose a friend after a trip together?”

To stay best friends, Bright Side has singled out signs that can show you if traveling with a friend is a really good idea.

You have different daily routines

You may think that having different daily routines is not a problem, but when one person gets up at 7 in the morning and starts making noise and the other wants to sleep until 12, it can be a big problem.

During the day, one of you may want to exercise because he always exercises at a certain time. That can be catastrophic. After a few days like this, you’ll start arguing like crazy about how impossible it is to relax with each other.

Too good to be true

There are people who prefer privacy. Your friend wants to have breakfast and dinner with you, but would rather spend the rest of the day alone.

There are also those people who want to spend every second with their friend and do everything together. When these two different opinions come together, it can become a problem. Talk to your friend about what kind of trips you like and what you expect from your trip together.

Different budgets

It’s not nice when a friend takes you to an expensive restaurant because he doesn’t want to miss an opportunity and your budget doesn’t cover meal costs. You can only afford water and watching your lucky friend drink wine and eat lobster.

You may think this is selfish, but they have a right to spend their money. Unfortunately, when situations like this happen on a trip, you want to explode with rage.

You have no plan

Let’s go to Paris! We’ll have a lot of fun there! In order not to get into a discussion, find out each other’s interests and make a compromise. You may be planning to visit museums and exhibitions, while your friend envisions this trip as one big party.

One of you is an experienced traveler and the other is a beginner

You are going abroad again and you have decided this time to take a friend who has never left the borders of the country in which you live. He will need help, starting at the airport.

Your vacation can slowly turn into babysitting and this can get you quite annoyed as most of the responsibility will fall on you.

You have a different attitude towards new acquaintances

This point is a typical story. One has a partner and the other does not. Your friend can spend a lot of time online talking to your other half while you want to meet new people. The situation can be reversed.

It doesn’t matter which of you is in a relationship, what matters is that the other one who is single will be completely tired and will regret not going on a trip with a person who has the same lifestyle as him.

You become someone’s personal photographer

One picture. Another picture. No, you didn’t take a good picture. You should have told me how to stop.

Yes, some people love to take photos, but when you become a personal photographer to your friend who constantly criticizes your photography, it can turn into a cold war.

They complain all the time

If you and your friend are arguing when choosing a means of transportation to get to your desired destination, this is not a good sign. A quarrel can start from a miserable thing and eventually grow into a big quarrel because you didn’t understand each other.