Now you can organize a wedding with 100 guests, and the newlyweds will have to give up some things

Due to the coronary virus pandemic, many couples in Serbia and around the world had to cancel their celebrations

With the change of the order of the Minister of Health Zlatibor Lončar, the number of people who can now gather in a public place , indoors and outdoors, has been increased from 50 to 100, while respecting all preventive measures that are still in force, which means wearing masks and gloves. .

Due to the coronary virus pandemic, the state of emergency and all the measures that were in force, April and May, the months that are otherwise the most popular in Serbia for weddings, were quieter than ever.

Many couples were forced to cancel the celebrations, and the wedding could be performed only in the official premises of the municipality in the presence of only five people.

Serbia is a country known for weddings with a huge number of guests who gather over 500 people. However, with the relaxation of the measures banning gatherings, it is allowed to make celebrations with a maximum of 100 people.

Due to the new measure, many newlyweds in Serbia were given the opportunity to hold a wedding, but with a limited number of guests.

This means that not all friends, relatives, neighbors and guests that the newlyweds may have ever seen will be able to come , but the order dictates that they be invited.

What the newlyweds will have to give up:
– they will not be able to invite all the guests they planned, the limit is 100 guests

– it is safer not to be kissed and congratulated

– Buffets are unlikely to be allowed, just like in hotels around the world

For many, this will be a problem, because it is a custom in Serbia that the parents of the newlyweds invite their friends to the celebration, and that it is time to invite everyone whose celebration you were at to the wedding.

One hundred people is not a small number for someone who does not have large relatives and has a solid circle of friends. In fact, it can be a very nice party where there will be no crowds, no hours of taking pictures of the newlyweds with the guests and congratulations.

Many newlyweds would say that this is the ideal number of guests, but on the other hand, newlyweds from cities in Serbia where it is customary to have weddings with 500 guests and will certainly no longer be able to fit into the current allowed figure for gatherings.

Despite more relaxed measures, epidemiologists in Serbia advise that we should continue to be careful. Such gatherings are still dangerous for the risk group of people, such as the elderly and the chronically ill, so they are not advised to be present in places where there are many citizens.