New discovery: The hormone found in chocolate increases libido in men

Tests have shown significant results, especially in men who have a lower quality of sexual life

For many, this is a classic gift for Valentine’s Day, but a new study shows that chocolate can increase men’s sexual drive , writes “Mirror”.

The injection of the hormone found in chocolate caused men to get even more aroused when they were exposed to the smell of perfume or pictures of female faces.

Known as “kisspeptin” , it was named after the University of Pennsylvania, the city where “Hershey’s Kisses” chocolates are made. Kispeptin is a chemical that occurs naturally and stimulates the release of other reproductive hormones in the body.

– Psychosexual disorders have a great negative impact on how we feel and can be very disturbing not only for patients, but also for their partners – says the main author of the study, Dr. Alexander Komninos.

– Despite the large number of people who have this disorder, the possibility of treatment is still very limited. Our research shows that kispeptin can enhance brain activities associated with attraction , and it is intriguing that this enhanced effect is even greater in men with a low sexual quality of life.

Every third man suffers from some sexual problem . They can damage relationships and negatively affect fertility. One of the most common problems is loss of libido or sex drive, which is often associated with personal problems, stress or fatigue. The problems are certainly psychological, not physical in nature.

The study involved 33 heterosexual men aged 18 to 34 years. Their brains were scanned by magnetic resonance imaging while smelling familiar scents, such as the perfume “Chanel No. 5 ”which is associated with sexual drive, as well as while looking at images of female faces. It has been shown that kispeptin had an even stronger effect in men with a poorer quality of sexual life. Kispeptin is called “Viagra of the mind”.

The team now hopes to successfully conduct the first clinical trials on patients diagnosed with low libido.

– We have discovered that kispeptin can enhance the influence of smell and attractiveness of the face , which are often the first steps towards sexual arousal. We hope that our better understanding of the effects of kispeptin on the parts of the brain that affect attraction and arousal may eventually lead to new ways of treating patients. However, we still have a long way to go – says Komninos.