“My wife’s job is to keep our home clean”: He claims that men should not do housework

She draws traditional views on marriage from her childhood, but her views are not to the liking of a large number of women …

The mother of 18-year-old Jason from Manchester believes that women should be feminine and obedient to their husbands , to do all household chores such as cooking, cleaning and tidying , and she herself admits that her husband never made the bed, emptied the dishwasher or did the laundry. , and for a full six years together.

– There are men’s jobs, such as cleaning dog excrement, and then and female jobs, which means all the rest – said Rebecca Conway for The Sun . However, not everyone agrees with this belief. People called Rebecca “old-fashioned” and “anti-feminist” because of her views, but she claims that under no circumstances does she plan to side with the majority.

“At the first meeting, the guy should always pay the bill”
” I stand behind what I believe in,” Conway said sharply, adding:

– My husband Li (43) runs his own IT business and is the main breadwinner, so it is quite reasonable that he does not want to return to a messy house. My job as a wife is to keep our home clean.

Her relationship with Lee, whom she met on a night out in Nottingham, began in a way that showed her that the two had a common future. At their first meeting in “Starbucks”, he immediately offered to pay the bill, and Rebecca admits that she would have written it off immediately if it hadn’t been like that, reports Net .

– At the first meeting, the guy should always pay the bill – she said.

The couple started living together after only a few months, and she was never angry that her partner did not know how to use a washing machine.

He draws traditional views on marriage from his childhood
– Lee and I share really traditional views – this interior designer explained.

– I’m not a housewife, but I still cook and clean. I always make the bed. He never did that, but I don’t expect that either.

Conway draws traditional views on marriage from her childhood because her mother Don , who is now 62 years old, vacuumed for hours and made sure that their home was very clean.

– My mother always said that there was no excuse for a mess in the house and I agree with that – she pointed out.

Rebecca described what her usual day looked like. He gets up at seven in the morning and makes breakfast for the family.

– The kitchen is always clean when I wake up because I clean all surfaces the night before. Then I disinfect and polish everything, and then I vacuum the house and wipe the floors. I do that every day, and Lee never helps me – Rebecca mentioned.

Many women do not like her views
– He never does anything around the house, but I really don’t mind. He cleans dog feces, the yard and the shed because these are men’s jobs – claims the 25-year-old wife and mother.

She also always prepares dinner and washes.

– I’m not a great cook. These are usually spaghetti bolognese or curry, but I try.

Rebecca’s views were not liked by a large number of women, who admit that just reading about it causes them anxiety. And her friends tried to convince her that such a life was not in line with the 21st century. Still, she doesn’t give up.

– I was told that I am too extreme and that I have to live a little, but it is like my mother says: “The house must be ready at all times when anyone knocks on the door” – Conway justifies himself and emphasizes that she does not condemn women which partners help. It was, she concludes, her choice, not her husband’s, to act this way.