Legendary quotes from a Hollywood charmer: Jack Nicholson’s words hit right where they should!

His words are hilarious, but they hit right in the center. 

Here is what the great Jack said about life, love and acting.

The film icon and real Hollywood smuggler often made his audience laugh with his statements, but also made his audience think. 

In his long career, he was nominated for an Oscar 13 times, while he won the trophy three times: for “Flight over the Coward’s Nest” in 1975, “Time of Tenderness” in 1983 and “Good that it can’t be better” in 1997.

In 82 years of his life, he gave a large number of interviews in which he often opened his soul, and we convey to you the most interesting statements of this bad Hollywood guy.

“My motto is: have a good time”

When asked why he wears sunglasses all the time, he said: 

“I can’t look into the eyes of all those who want to look at me; I can’t cope emotionally with such a task. Sunglasses are part of my armor.”

“When I wear glasses, I’m Jack Nicholson. When I’m not wearing them, I’m fat and I’m 60, and the doctor recommended them to me because of vision problems.”

About tips

“I hate advice unless I give it myself. I hate giving advice because people don’t accept it.”

About lying

“You’re only lying to two people in your life: your girlfriend and the cop. You need to tell everyone else the truth.”

About marriage

“I’ve never had any prejudices about marriage. I got married very early and I find it counterproductive to have theories about all kinds of relationships. It’s hard enough to know yourself, and as you’ve probably noticed, when you meet a couple that functions as a tandem, it’s even and harder. If it’s going to be successful, it’s going to have to be very realistic, specific and instantaneous, so if you have too many ideas about it before you get married, I think you’re much less likely to succeed. “

“The moment you stop working on yourself and learning new things, you’re dead.”

“I live in the belief that the audience still sees me as that young promising actor.”

Everything in life happens for the right reason: Fate has the perfect plan for each of us!