Just for BFF: Questions you have to ask your girlfriend

These are some things you may not know about your girlfriend so ask her the following questions the next time you sit down for coffee.

1. What is he afraid of? We do not mean the fear of spiders or snakes, but we think of those things in life that bother us all. Fear of death, fear of not being left alone or fear of public appearances – talking about it can help a lot in getting rid of fear. You can also talk about what her biggest insecurities are and try to solve the problem together. This will definitely strengthen your friendship even more.

2. What’s getting on her nerves about you? If you’ve only recently become a bff then maybe you haven’t quarreled once before. We can learn a lot from quarrels, and to avoid embarrassing situations you can ask her what annoys her about you. Maybe that you talk too much sometimes or that you forget things, but at least you will know what to work on more.

3. How do you calm her down when she gets upset? Some people just like to be left alone when they get upset while others prefer to be petted and looked after. Ask your friend how she reacts when she is in misery so that she can react properly next time, not to bother her.

4. When was the last time she cried? This can reveal a lot about a person. Some people cry all the time and may be made to cry by a scene from a series or a pussy on the street. Others cry when something really scary happens and don’t show emotion often. What type of friend is your friend?

5. What will be your greatest life achievement? Tell her to imagine being 105 and having to list her greatest life achievement – what would that be? Does she imagine that she wrote the most read book in the world or that she opened a farm for abandoned hedgehogs? Does she dream of opening a restaurant where dishes are made only from mayonnaise or of becoming a world-famous actress? What is your bff dreaming about?

6. Why might she be so angry with you that she never speaks to you again? Surely you are also interested in the answer to that question! Would she do that if she ruined her favorite dress or if she kidnapped her boyfriend?

7. What is her favorite memory of hers? Since you have known each other for a long time, you certainly have a thousand shared memories, but which one is her favorite?

8. Why did you quarrel with the former bff? This is important to know so as not to repeat the same mistake. Also, talking about it can help your bff solve some problems with herself so that she doesn’t repeat some mistakes from the past either.