It can’t get any better: 10 signs that your boyfriend is also your best friend

THE PUBLIC adores famous couples like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend or Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively precisely because of their extremely friendly relationship. When your boyfriend or husband is also your best friend, there is almost no fear of termination, and these ten signs reveal that you are in just such a relationship:

1. You were friends first

All good things take time, so that friendship can turn into love. Once you realized that there is more than just friendship between you, you skipped all the stress that comes with the first date and the effort to present yourself in the best possible light because by then you already knew just about everything about each other. 

2. You laugh at each other to tears

It’s not just the feelings you have for each other that matter, or how good sex is. When you are alone, but also in company, you know how to make each other laugh to tears, especially while remembering adventures from the time when you were still friends. 

3. He always wants you close to him

It doesn’t matter if it’s a man’s socializing or traveling with friends, he wants you to always be with him. Which is completely normal for you. Even his friends don’t mind him taking you everywhere with him because they see you as part of the team. In fact, they see you as a friend, with whom he has sex along the way, which is a compliment.

4. You always know what he’s thinking

Okay, we’re not saying you’re literally reading his mind, but you always know how he’s feeling at that moment, and sometimes you actually read what he’s just thinking.

5. He saw you in the worst editions

Just like you share all the beautiful moments, you have lived with him the “darkest” or whatever you want to call them. Friendly and family dramas, a bad day at work, PMS … He was with you in all the worst moments and saw your worst releases and helped you get through everything much easier. 

6. You can spend the day together doing absolutely nothing

You may not both be the type of people who like to laze in their free time and spend it on the couch, but even on days like these you enjoy being together. You don’t always have to be active to have fun, you have fun and just while you’re next to each other. 

7. Other couples hate you a little

They may not admit it to your face, but jealousy is felt in the air. Because of your chemistry, other couples feel bored, but what can you do to them when they are not best friends.

8. You don’t need a break from each other

That doesn’t mean you do just about everything together because everyone needs a little time for themselves and the activities they love to do, but anything you can do together is always more fun for you.

9. He trusts you completely

Not only does he trust you not to cheat or hurt him but he also tells you his deepest secrets, which he has not revealed to anyone else because after all you are his best friend.

10. Your relationship has not changed since the beginning

You’re still as madly in love with each other as you were when you started walking, and that feeling will probably never subside. The so-called honeymoon phase lasts you forever.