Incredibly difficult life circumstances did not stop them: 6 celebrities who did not give up in spite of everything!

They are our daily dose of inspiration every day, especially in these relentless times. 

Can you imagine supporting a whole family at just eight years old? One of the most beautiful women in show business – Shania Twain, and how can she!

“Never give up” – this is one of the greatest clichés of the modern age. “If you keep working, you never know what’s around the corner.” There are a lot of such statements, maybe that’s why we are surprised when we hear stories that prove that the slogan “Never give up” is not to be thrown away. 

In the current situation, when our plans are on-hold, it is an ideal moment to motivate ourselves further and think about how and whether we want to change the course of life when the pandemic passes. The following stories from the most famous writers, actresses and singers are here to inspire you, but also to remind you, nothing is impossible!

JK Rowling

If we go back in time to 1994, JK Rowling was then in the process of divorce, receiving financial assistance from the state and barely managing to support herself and her young child. Of course, it was all just three years before the first Harry Potter book was released.

While looking for a record label to sell Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, she didn’t even own a computer and the cost of copying a 90,000-word novel was too high, so she had to type each edition by hand on a typewriter.

The book was rejected many times, until the small London publishing house Bloomsbury gave it a second chance when the eight-year-old daughter of the founder fell completely in love with the story.

Shania Twain

Believe it or not, her career did not start out of desire but out of necessity. Her parents divorced when she was two years old, and her mother and stepfather could not earn enough to support the whole family.

Twain started singing in bars at just 8 years old to help the family financially and often remembers how her mother woke her up at all times to get ready for performances.

At just 21, her parents died in a car accident and Twain took custody of her younger siblings. It wasn’t until her youngest brother graduated that she decided to chase her musical dreams in Nashville. 

Stephen King

King lived in a trailer with his wife, who is also a writer, and they both had to work more jobs to support their families as they developed their writing skills.

They often talk about how they lived without a phone and had to borrow clothes for their wedding. He was turned down more than 60 times before selling his first short story, The Glass Floor, for just $ 35.

Even his bestseller Carrie did poorly at first, selling only 13,000 copies. Luckily the Signet Books publishing house took over the rights to the book and released a second edition, and Stephen King hasn’t stopped since. 

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah has had to suffer a lot since she became a public figure – racist comments, statements about her weight and intrusive questions about her sexuality. She never stopped it in her ambition and dreams. When we look at her childhood story, the things she achieved seem even more amazing.

Growing up, Oprah was a victim of sexual violence and then became pregnant at just 14, and the child died after two weeks of life. Thanks to great courage and perseverance, she finished high school with the best grades, received a full scholarship for university and started working in the first ranks of the television industry, first as a presenter in Nashville and today a world superstar who runs her own television program (OWN).

Jim Carrey

When Carrey was 14, his father lost his job and the family had to cope with very difficult circumstances. They moved into a VW van and Carrey, who had known since he was ten that he wanted to be a comedian, was forced to take a job in a factory.

At the age of 16, he dropped out of school and decided to move to Los Angeles, where he spent every night in a parked car on Mulholland Drive, thinking about how he would become successful. One evening he wrote himself a check for 10,000,000 million dollars with the description “For acting”, and the date for issuing the check was Thanksgiving, 1995.

Years passed and only a few days before that date, he was paid the full salary for the film Dumb and Dumber. 

Emily Blunt

Before she was one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, she could hardly bear the weight of ordinary conversation.

From the age of 7 to 14, Emily Blunt had a serious problem with stuttering, as she says: “I never thought I would be able to sit across from someone and have a normal conversation.”

But that all changed when her high school teacher suggested she apply for a school play. With the help of a teacher and trying out different accents and characters, Emily quickly found herself in acting, stuttering slowly disappeared, and today she already has one Golden Globe Award.