How to kiss every sign of the Zodiac: One is able to prepare real fireworks for you!

Scorpio can’t help but kiss you. If you are no longer together, you will remember those kisses for many, many years. To keep Sagittarius ’attention, kiss him – as often as possible.


Energetic and strong, Aries is guided by the planet Mars, and if there is one thing Mars knows, it is how to raise the temperature.

Aries know how to channel all that incredible energy into one hot kiss.

This sign experiences kissing like everything else – very impulsive.

If you are in a relationship with Aries, get ready for fireworks!


Light, sensual and firm, it is Taurus, and that is why their relationships last much longer than other signs.

The second reason is their sense of touch – the way Taurus touches your hand accurately shows that it is about to kiss you.

With Taurus – just romance.


If you are interesting and cheerful, you are the right measure for Gemini. But first you have to get their attention.

The process looks like this: first see him, then wink or smile at him, then tell him something witty and charming.

Gemini loves people who know how to maintain a conversation.

And for the end there is a kiss. If you are fast, sensual and fun, Gemini will want more.

And, if he rejects you, that’s it, know that you “blew things up” with him.


Crabs are warm and brutally honest. They love the home and family atmosphere.

When kissing, Cancer is warm and adorable and you probably won’t stop with him for just one kiss.


With Leos you always feel like you are in a “who will win bachelor” competition.

If you like some Leo, know that you are certainly not the only one in line to kiss.

You will “win” only if you do your best and show your feelings. Very simple.


Virgos hate impurity, disorganization, and a chaotic environment, so you need to make an effort to be almost completely perfect so that Virgo can relax and kiss you.

You have to be alone. Make sure the kiss is gentle and clean.

Save a passionate “saliva exchange” for another time “


Libra is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. They live to satisfy others. The catch is that they expect the same in return.

If you are a person who dedicates himself to his partner to the maximum, Libra is the ideal choice for you, even if you show him that you want a relationship with him, he is definitely yours.

Go out on a romantic date and then give him the most romantic and passionate kiss ever.

The good news is that they will reciprocate.


There is one word that describes Scorpio at any time of the day or night – passion.

Scorpios approach everything with a lot of passion. So, you can only imagine what happens when they come face to face with a person they like…

Scorpio can’t help but kiss you. And of course, if you are no longer together, you will remember those kisses for many, many years.


Archers always want more, especially when it comes to kisses. So, if you want to be kissed by some Sagittarius, know that it will not be difficult.

But try to make it memorable, because you will have many competitors.

To keep Sagittarius ’attention, kiss him – as often as possible.


Capricorns can be very difficult when it comes to romance, but they are not such an impossible mission.

You will only need steel nerves and a lot of patience to make it happen.

You have to prepare the ground for a long time before you take action, but it will be worth the effort.

Let your kiss be elegant, refined and exciting.


Aquarius is eccentric and proud of it, but they are very inconspicuous when it comes to romance.

Although they will not admit it, Aquarius does not bond until the “right one” comes along.

Aquarius loves sudden, passionate and different kisses.

If you are up for a challenge, approach them, look them in the eye – and go 🙂


In Pisces ’mind, the first step toward deciding whether to let you approach them or not depends on whether they are comfortable in your presence.

It often has to do with how you smell, no joke.

So, before you approach Pisces, take a bath and apply a nice scent, but not offensive.

Let the kiss be gentle and soft so slowly sail into romance with this very delicate and romantic sign.