HOW each sign of the Zodiac does its FIRST step in a relationship (his and hers) – Great analysis!

The Aries woman is a feminist at heart and sees no reason why she should not act if she is attracted to a man. It is not a problem for her to approach him first and show her interest. A Cancer man implicitly takes the first step, but you could easily miss his signal.

Certain zodiac signs tend to take the first step, while others would rather wait and let the other person act.

Here’s how likely each character is to make the first move. Use this as a guide to find out how your crush will behave or the one after it.

1 – Aries – male

Aries is a natural leader born so one should feel like one is the main one. He might be excited if a woman makes the first move, but at the end of the day… he must feel like he has the upper hand in the chase. If you are in love with a man in this sign and you wait long enough for him to take the first step, and he still does nothing, then he is simply not interested. It’s just as clear as day.

Aries is the first of all the signs of the zodiac and loves to initiate everything, whether it is a romantic relationship or just an acquaintance, or a business type of relationship. The Aries man has a spark that can light up a room and an attitude that no one can ever surpass. You don’t have to wait for him to make the first move. He is in charge and you will always have to follow his leadership.

2 – Aries – woman

The Aries woman is a feminist at heart and sees no reason why she should not act if she is attracted to a man. It is not a problem for her to approach him first and show her interest. She puts her cards on the table and is fearless in her flirtation. Just like the Aries man, she was used to wearing pants in a relationship. That’s why it’s not a problem for her to make the first move.

The Aries woman knows better than anyone that times have changed and that you don’t have to wait for a man to call you out. Because of their ruler of Mars, they have enough courage to go after what they want without apology. This applies not only to their relationships, but also to other areas of their lives.

3 – Taurus – male

Bulls have a strong personality, but they are not men of action. Instead, they are people of reaction. They are not the ones who will make the first move. Unlike its predecessor Aries, they are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and romance. The bull must feel wanted, so it is unlikely that he will just approach you and invite you out.

Instead, they will try to make subtle gestures or make eye contact until you smile and start flirting. It might take a while before this guy warms up for you because he has a reserved nature. Once he warms up, you can expect a lot of physical contact from him, because he lives for it. The bull moves slowly and steadily, so you just can’t rush it.


4 – Taurus – woman

A Taurus woman will use physical contact to flirt with a man she likes. She will laugh at his jokes and engage in conversation to let him know he likes her and that becomes obvious. Although she often waits for him to approach her first, sometimes she ends up having to close the deal.

Although she is patient, has a strong personality and is not afraid to take what she wants, but she will only do so after a certain amount of courtship. If a man is dominant enough to take the first step, then he leaves more power to him. However, she is not afraid to make the first move if the man is too shy and cannot muster the courage to do it alone.

5 – Gemini – male

If there is one thing that Gemini rules, it is communication. Whoever said men are bad at communication has never dealt with Gemini. He mastered the game of “look at me” competing for your attention. He knows how to attract you with his words and keep your interest with his wit and intelligence.

These men are curious souls, but they are also enthusiasts, so be careful when they play games with you. Gemini will shower you with attention and will make you feel like you are the only woman in the world. He takes your hand and takes you on adventures where you will always feel good. Only after he has completed the entire round of courtship will he finally make the first move.

6 – Gemini – woman

A Gemini woman is excellent at communication, just like her male counterpart. What distinguishes a woman born in this sign from a man born in this sign is that she wants you to make the first move, although she will initiate flirtation at the beginning.

A Gemini woman hates boredom and can’t sit still for more than two seconds, so a man has to be interesting enough to keep her interest for a long time. If that fails, she goes on. You will see this woman ruling the dance floor at the club or laughing out loud in the company of her friends.

Maybe they’ll ask you to dance or they’ll ask you a million questions to find out a little more about you. Her flirtatious nature will make you invite her out, whether you want to make the first move or not.

7 – Cancer – male

The moon rules this sign and it means that he is a thoughtful and contemplative person. However, he is also a cardinal sign, which means he still feels he should be the main one. He shows this discreetly as he will focus his attention on you in the group and you will feel that his approach will be subtle.

You may feel like he is reading you like a book because a Cancer man knows with women like no other. This is the type of man you will feel like you have known for centuries. He will shyly ask to see you again, but you may not be quite sure of his intentions. There is only one way to find out: indulge.

8 – Cancer – woman

Although the Cancer woman is reserved, she still likes to flirt and attract male attention. Don’t let her look like a shy girl from the neighborhood fool you, because she wants to have control over her own romantic life. Crabs want to be subtle when they flirt and could be frustrated if you don’t eventually notice her signals.

She doesn’t understand that men often don’t notice indirect signs so she will keep trying to get closer to you, until you take the first step. Her essence is feminine and she will not take bold steps, as an Aries woman would do. If you haven’t made the first move yet, it could push your primitive keys.

9 – Leo – male

Ah, the Leo man. It is a sleek speaker ruled by the Sun, meaning he believes the world revolves around him. This includes the lovely ladies he sees in his personal orbit. He is an eternal optimist and is convinced that no woman can ever resist or resist him. That means he feels it is his duty to take the first step.

However, he will be flattered if the woman makes the first move, but that could make him less masculine because of it. Sure, it will flatter his ego, but it won’t feed his need to be a hunter, not a prey. Leo is the king of the jungle and if he really loves you, he wants you to be his queen on the throne on the right.

When this man approaches you, you will recognize him by his perfect hair and fragrant eau de toilette.


10 – Leo – woman

The Leo woman (also Miss Diva) has a high opinion of herself and wants the men she goes out with to see her as a goddess, as she considers herself. Although she loves the love and attention of men, she is too used to attention and needs a man who just doesn’t want to give it to her. For her, it’s a challenge.

This will make her try harder and harder to get his attention and it is not a problem for her to work hard to get it. However, she wants you to be the first to acknowledge your feelings for her, not the other way around. She might be on the verge of taking the first step, but she just doesn’t want to be weaker in a relationship, so you’ll most likely have to do it yourself.

11 – Virgo – male

A man in this sign is reserved and generally does not want to be the center of attention, unlike Leo. Instead, he’s a man of discretion, but he’s definitely not afraid to put you in your place. In fact, he can be sarcastic when he wants to be, which can turn off many women seeking his approval.

Although he may not be a completely macho man, he definitely knows how to take a stand without spending too many words. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so she knows how to master communication. Unlike Gemini, he will not show you his interest directly. He wants you to approach him first when the time is right.

12 – Virgo – woman

A woman born in this sign is shy, withdrawn and modest and you can see that little smile that says “who, me?”. Facade. She stands firmly on the ground and is probably one of the easiest women to approach. She is also easy to talk to, but she knows how to break down a man’s ego without undue effort.

Since she is an earth sign, she knows how to use her body to attract a man’s attention. Even though she is a Virgo, don’t let that name seduce you. She knows how to arouse passion in a man. Of all the signs, she knows how to tease a man that he ultimately has no choice, she has to take the first step.

13 – Libra – male

A man born in this sign is ruled by Venus. This means that he prefers to be hunted than to be the one to hunt a woman. While this is frustrating to many women because he opposes conventional gender roles, Libra simply doesn’t think those traditions apply to him.

Being an idealist, he will make the first move we make if it is well planned and the situation is nothing short of romantic and perfect. The last thing he wants is to put himself in a situation where he will make a fool of himself. Since it’s about fairness, if you show him interest, he’ll definitely return the favor.

14 – Libra – woman

A Libra woman knows how to light a room with her charming presence and precise art of conversation. She is a social creature and is known to be one of the most flirtatious women in the entire zodiac. That spark in her eye and those perfectly matched clothes give a light that people just can’t resist.

Many men secretly watch her because she is so flirtatious that she sometimes sends the wrong message. Sometimes he flirts without even realizing he’s doing it.

He thinks everything is just friendly. Since you simply cannot follow her intentions, you need to take the first step. Once she decides she doesn’t want other options, then she will be completely yours.

15 – Scorpio – male

When a Scorpio man is nearby everyone feels his strong, polarized presence. He is an enigma and a secret you will want to discover. He is dark and he will pull you into a whirlpool from which you may not be able to recover.

His eyes dissect your soul and you will feel like he is reading your mind. He is the master of human psychology. The only way he will make the first move is if you give it back to him right away. Whether or not he makes the first move depends on how much he really likes you.


16 – Scorpio – woman

Like her male counterpart, the Scorpio woman is dark and mysterious. Men find her attractive and are attracted to her lavish feminine mystery. It never goes unnoticed. When a man grabs her attention, she won’t reveal too much information about herself to him, forcing him to ask her questions.

He will also know how to seduce him by revealing intimate information and secrets about himself that put him in a vulnerable position. He will tell her his life story without realizing how he does it. A Scorpio woman knows how to seduce a man, she won’t even manage and will invite her on a date, enchanted by her magic.

17 – Sagittarius – male

The Sagittarius man is a world traveler and is open to all kinds of new ideas and experiences. He always wants to meet all kinds of different people and is endlessly interested in what the Universe has to offer. He is optimistic and cheerful. Before he does anything else, he’ll probably invite you to some party or hang out with friends just to see if you’re on the same wavelength.

The sign of Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter who is the ruler of expansion and knowledge. You need to give this man mental stimulation and creative inspiration. Even then, there is no guarantee that they will not start to get bored and move on.

18 – Sagittarius – woman

The Sagittarius woman is lively and always ready to have fun. Especially in her twenties, she embodies a song from the ’80s “Girls just want to have fun” (“Girls just want to have fun”). She is almost like an Aries woman, in the sense that she takes everything life has to offer and is not afraid to ask for what she wants. She will be ready to make the first move if she sees that you are on the same wavelength as her.

If her friends are hippies (which they usually are because of her free spirit), then just act like one of them. After that, he will probably take the first step. It could tempt you for a short time before moving on to the next conquest, so be careful.

19 – Capricorn – male

A man born in this sign is usually someone who has a sense of dignity and power. He is proud to maintain stoic behavior and knows how to handle any situation with mature ease. Although he is certainly not shy, he likes to act as if he is. He’s completely safe when it comes to talking to women, but you have to show that you’re interested first.

Even if he’s interested, he’s usually too preoccupied with business matters to play games with you. While you don’t need to be direct, a little encouragement here and there won’t be out of the question. Once you get into the action, you’ll realize it was worth the wait.

20 – Capricorn – female

The Capricorn woman is ambitious and has no time for the stupid games that most men play. She usually looks for men who are older than her because they match her level of maturity.

A Capricorn woman is a natural leader. It may seem cold, but so much is happening beneath that exterior. Probably declared the most successful and popular in school, she is never afraid to look for what she wants.

However, it will never waste time if it is not worth it. A Capricorn woman will let you know that she is only interested if you have completely won her over. They will look at you as a business venture.

21 – Aquarius – male

If there is any man who can hold you on his toes, it is none other than Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, a planet of revolution and unexpected change.

If you are someone who loves stability in your relationships, then maybe you should think twice before messing with Aquarius. He is everywhere and just never says what he will do.

The sign of Aquarius represents friendships and impersonal relationships, so it means you will be friends with him before anything romantic happens. He will make the first move once he feels you have enough in common and when he clicks with you. He makes the first move when you least expect it and will knock you off your feet.


22 – Woman – Aquarius

Aquarius woman is different from any other woman you will ever meet. She is amazing, has a special fashion sense, and her personal interests are a bit wacky. When you think of a person born in the sign of Aquarius, you think of him as an alien from another planet. They look at the human race objectively and sometimes find it difficult to understand emotions and feelings.

A woman born in this sign has no problem inviting outside of a man if she likes it and simply does not understand the inhibitions that other women might have.

If he decides to make the first move, it will be capricious. She will do it when it suits her and it could be right after she meets someone or after five years of friendship. You never know when you’re dealing with this wild lady.

23 – Pisces – male

A man born in this sign might act harsh, but he is truly one of the softest signs of the entire zodiac (just don’t even tell him that). He tries to rely on others to make decisions for him because he finds the task daunting.

He could flirt and make romantic gestures. He may even compliment you endlessly, but at the end of the day, it will be up to you to lock the deal with that man. It is adaptable and able to adapt to any social situation in any type of environment.

24 – Pisces – woman

Just like her male counterpart, Ms. Riba is a follower, not a leader. At heart, she believes in traditional gender roles and is in touch with her female side more than any other sign in the zodiac. She is like an ethereal mermaid and men enjoy her natural beauty and can’t resist her and women envy her for it.

Pisces woman is an intuitive, creative soul that just goes with the flow. If a man does nothing, he will assume it is simply not doomed and will move on. What she really wants is a knight in shining armor who will come and save her. Pisces woman knows better than anyone how to play a girl in trouble who just needs to be saved. You will rarely see her ever make the first move.