Housewives: Staying home with a child is not a luxury, but the hardest job in the world!

EVERY mother who has decided after giving birth that she wants to stay at home and put her career in the background has at least once met with condemnation from the environment or at least an expression of slight jealousy because staying at home is considered a luxury by many people.

While this may indeed be considered a luxury only in the sense that your family can afford to live on just one salary, in all other respects that jealousy is completely unjustified. While it is a pleasure for every mother, especially in a child’s first years, to spend as much time as possible with their child, it is actually a much harder job than people think . Maybe even the hardest you can have.

It is not the goal of mothers of housewives to distinguish whose job is really harder, but they certainly do not deserve to be underestimated . Unlike the eight-hour workday, which is usually only physically strenuous and requires concentration, staying at home requires a lot of physical strength, but at the same time patience in a full-day stay with the children.

Mothers give up much of social life which greatly facilitates coping with difficulties. A good gossip party at work or drinking coffee with a colleague from the office is a real treasure for brain rest after a hard day that housewives certainly miss. It is this lack that often leads to the withdrawal of mothers who do not have time to socialize with adults because of their children.

By accepting the conditions that come complete with a career waiver, many neglect a very important fact – it is these families who sacrifice some material pleasures so that they can afford a life with only one salary, even though they themselves will never see it that way.

Even research has shown that families with the highest income levels spend twice as much money per child as people with the lowest incomes. The difference in costs is not spent on education or housing costs, so it cannot really be said that the children of both working parents have more chances to succeed in life, but only the lack of time parents do not spend with their children is compensated by toys and kindergarten fees.

These families most often change their holidays in hotels with cheaper campsites or apartments.

They spend much less on technology, they already use all the appliances while they work, and only then they replace them with new ones. Moreover, in their hectic lives, they actually very rarely notice unnecessary luxuries for them, which they give up and do not doubt their choices, so neither you nor any other form of child care.