Friends who love your children as if they were their own are special. Here’s why

There is nothing better than seeing your friends love your children as if they were theirs. They have a special relationship, they eat ice cream together, they play for a long time and that is what makes your friendship even more special.

Such friends are, writes in its article, a real blessing, both for you and your children, so don’t forget to hug them the next time you see each other.

They have chosen to love your children

Your close friends are the family your heart has chosen. You’ve been through good and bad things together, and if they’re still with you now that you have kids, they’ll probably stay your close friends forever. They love your family not because they have to, but because they chose to and that love will never end.

They love everything that matters to you

Life definitely changes when you have kids because they become the center of your world. You leave a lot of the things you did behind to focus on the family. Because of that, you can also lose a few friends, but those who love your children will not go anywhere.

They are the best nannies

It is not difficult for them to look after your children from time to time, so that you can rest. They are the best nannies because they already know everything about your children. You can be sure that your children will not come into contact with foods to which they are allergic. In addition, they will buy them things they adore to make them even happier. You trust them as much as you trust yourself and that trust is mutual.

They really care and take your stories personally

Not only do they listen to your parenting stories and problems but they try and give you advice. They celebrate all the successes of your children and will definitely cry with you at their prom.

They are older friends to your children

There are situations when your children do not feel comfortable discussing a particular topic with you. They won’t always listen to you, tell you every detail, or ask you questions you’d like to know the answer to. But you are safe because your children have wise adults in their environment whom they trust and who can ask for advice or help. No questions asked, no condemnation – they are there for your children.

They are a role model to your children

When children don’t listen to you, they will probably listen to your close friends who care for them. They are the people your children look up to, the people from whom they learn about kindness, kindness, and unconditional love.

They are bonus parents to your children 

There is no such thing as “too much love” and the more people love your children, the better for them and their lives will be easier. They are lucky because they have an army of people who will always keep their backs and who they can count on in any situation, writes .

Your kids have extra people who love them unconditionally, isn’t that the best gift a child can get?