Everyone enjoys their company: People with these 10 traits are liked by everyone

MOST people think that those that almost everyone loves are born under a lucky star and that their nature is such that they are nice at first sight. However, this is not true. These people have some traits that others do not have, one part of which was developed during upbringing, while the other part they built themselves, trying to be the best version of themselves, writes Business Insider .

Qualities such as accessibility, positivity and moderation are traits of people who have a high coefficient of emotional intelligence, but you too can become a favorite in society if you work on yourself. If you develop these qualities, you will be in the group of those that everyone loves and at the same time you will improve your emotional intelligence.

1. Be honest

Honesty is the most important trait you need for people to have a nice opinion of you. No one likes fakes. People rely on honest people because they know they can be trusted. It’s hard to trust someone if you don’t know when what you’re saying is true and when it’s not. The most beloved people know who they are and have enough self-confidence to feel good in their skin and express their opinion.

2. Ask thoughtful questions

The biggest mistake people make when they listen to someone is that they are focused on what they will say after it or on how what the person is saying will affect them so they often do not hear the true meaning of what is being said. The easiest way to avoid this is to ask questions. People like to see someone listening to them, so the sub-questions you ask them are a sign that you are interested in their story. You will be surprised how much they will appreciate you when they see that you know how to listen.

3. Do not judge

Get rid of prejudice if you want people to love you. It makes you accessible and interesting. No one wants to talk to someone who has already formed a negative opinion of him based on prejudices he doesn’t want to change.

4. Don’t ask for attention

Most people don’t like being in the company of those who desperately want to be the center of attention. You don’t need to be an extrovert to please people, just be friendly and considerate. If you are sociable, confident and concise, you will notice how much people respect you more than if you are full of yourself. If someone praises you for something, draw attention to all those who helped you get there, because people like to know that their efforts count.

5. Be consistent

When people talk to someone, they like to know who they are dealing with and what response they can expect. To be consistent, you need to show others that even when you change your mood, you don’t change your behavior toward others.

6. Use positive body language

Become aware of your gestures, facial expressions and pitch. If you are enthusiastic, do not have your arms crossed, maintain eye contact, and lean toward the person you are talking to, you will be a more desirable interlocutor. Keep in mind that it is often more important how you say something than what you say.

7. Make a good first impression

And positive body language can help you with this. Research has shown that people decide whether or not they like you in the first seven seconds of dating. After that, the rest of the conversation passes in the shadow of the first impression. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have a firm stance, a strong grip when shaking hands and that you stand upright in front of the interlocutor, facing him completely.

8. Address people by name

The name is one of the basic parts of our identity and people love it when you call them by name. Those who like most people know everyone’s name and use it whenever they meet that person. Research has shown that people feel as if the person they are talking to respects them more if they use their name during a conversation.

9. Laugh

If you smile during conversations with people, they will reciprocate the same measure and after the conversation you will have the impression of a pleasant conversation.

10. Balance between passion and fun

People are sympathetic to those who are passionate, but they can be perceived as too serious because of it. That is why it is important to balance your passion with the ability to relax and have fun. At work, be serious but friendly. People who are a favorite in society avoid gossip and concentrate on important conversations with their colleagues.