Discomfort: The most reliable internal guide

One of the best tools for achieving health, happiness and wisdom is discomfort: it is the most reliable inner guide that guides you without error to people and events that are dangerous or good for you.

True, generations are programmed not to listen to themselves, but to others – everything around them. This is why modern man has come to think more often that he is only imagining something or something has happened to him, than to believe in his inner impulse, which never errs. Benevolent intuition and its voice of silence by which it warns, sometimes misses, at the level of the first impulse or impression. But even when that is the case, our inner leadership sends signals through feelings. In particular, when someone or something provokes nice feelings and accompanying thoughts, it is a bingo combination (of course it is logical and simple, but how many times do we really follow it?). On the other hand, when someone arouses our restlessness and discomfort – isn’t that a clear sign? Yes, yes. But what does the human mind do in these situations? Philosophizes. “Well, it’s not that terrible, so maybe a man is like that …” or – the worst variant,

It is discomfort that is the most reliable alarm because the instant message is that you have lost touch with your true being, which is joy and love. If we listen to him, bad events are unlikely. It often occurs, on one of the levels: physically, it can be a tingling or uncomfortable sensation in some part of the body (usually solar plexus or throat chakra), then emotionally as a feeling of insecurity in yourself and the world around you, and mentally in the form of bad thoughts. In particular, a person can be a pure angel one hundred percent – smart, wonderful, work hard around you … – but if for some reason you feel uncomfortable with her, trust your feelings.

Nobody’s arguments, no philosophizing or concepts such as “I have to do this because I release my fears …”, but only myself. In humans, such a feeling is, as a rule, a consequence of meeting energetically unfit people. He calls the “geometry of the divine spark” energy vampires, and describes the aforementioned feeling of discomfort as the feeling that you are “covered in sticky syrup” or “covered with cobweb claws.” Basically, if you remember any experience of discomfort, there is no need for exaggerated explanations – you just know when something is wrong.

But the same is true in situations, business arrangements, or anything else where you have the choice to listen to yourself or others. Clearly, the problem is that few are literally listened to. Partly because we are thoroughly programmed about how we should “behave and live.” But these are old rules, past periods. The new maxim is “be natural, not polite.” Because that means you are your own. And don’t believe anyone’s explanations or mental speculation.

Faith in yourself will bring you a deepening of your own knowledge – the awakening of all those memories and information, from past lives or parallel existences (whichever concept you respect). Because there are no rules in life. It is precisely this awakening of consciousness and the energy of personal determination in Ki Tarot that the Arcana of the Priestess speaks of. About inner wisdom that knows what it wants and what is best for it.

When you think about it, there is no other. Your life is one and only. Your decisions are yours alone. There is no universal recipe or “hernia spirituality” that will be valid. You create your personal path with your decisions. And, at the same time, you do not go on the highway, but pave your own path – because it is yours and unique. For such a journey – only real and true, which is why your soul wanted to come to the material world again – you need brilliant guidance, and that is the voice of silence inside which an occasional signpost by the path can come in handy, but in fact does not need it, because it knows that everything it takes to fill life he has it in. And he knows.