After self-isolation, lawyers will rub their hands: Many will only now realize that their marriages have failed

A large number of divorces in the world are predicted

Some people perceive life in quarantine due to the corona virus as a holiday, but this is not necessarily the case, because a longer period of time together indoors can lead to the collapse or severance of ties.

This warning was made last week in the British Parliament by the leading lawyer for divorce lawsuits in Britain, Baroness Fiona Shackelton, writes CNBC.

She stated that lawyers in that branch predict a probable increase in the divorce rate due to self-isolation.

Hardip Dillon, a family law adviser at Richard Nelson, says that after Christmas, when families usually spend most of their time together, British law firms saw an incredible 230 percent increase in online searches in the “I want a divorce” segment. .

– A similar trend is now expected in Great Britain, especially after the report from China on the increase in the number of couples who want to separate after a long period spent in quarantine due to the corona virus epidemic … As during Christmas, more time spent together in self-isolation increases tension in relationships, especially where problems already exist – adds Dillon.

The feeling of uncertainty regarding money, workplace and health created by the coronavirus, as he explains, complicates the relationships of couples in self-isolation.

Selma Booth, the head of family law at the law firm “Freeman Harris”, agrees with this, stating that this period of isolation could prove difficult for couples, considering that the revocation of the quarantine order is not in sight.

– School attendance, work, meetings with family and friends and socializing are essential for mental and physical health. So restricting those freedoms, albeit for the good of the country, will undoubtedly have a profound impact on families locked up in houses, she says.

Aisha Vardag, founder of the law firm Vardags, which specializes in divorce lawsuits, notes that her firm has registered an increase in the demands of couples “who simply say they can’t stand another day with a person they no longer love and who is detained with her for 24 hours.” seven days a week, they even start to hate. ”

– Imprisonment in a closed space can often become an express pot that, with the pressure that is just waiting to explode – concluded Vardag.