7 things that a woman in the 21st century should not feel guilty about

Why do you feel that you are persistently justifying yourself to your surroundings? 

Because of a career choice? The way you spend your free time? The way you dress and make up or maybe even because of the choice of partner and the reasons why you still don’t want to get married and have children?

Guilt is a toxic emotion and much more severe than feelings of remorse. Although it is a very pervasive feeling, it can be controlled – if you approach things in the right way.

We hear so much about that 21st century and how it is time for the mass of things to change once and for all, especially when it comes to the issue of women and their position in society.

These are just some of the issues that women face every day and because of which they need to justify themselves in front of the world, and they really shouldn’t.

Hey, it’s 21st age! 

Are you going on a well-deserved spa weekend? Are you deciding on a two-day trip to nature? Have you finally paid yourself a pottery course because it relaxes you? Maybe you have finally set aside time and money to afford a few professional massage treatments or head-to-toe treatments at a beauty salon? Maybe you just want to spend the whole weekend without answering anyone’s phone, varnishing your nails and watching your favorite series? And how exactly did the environment react to these plans of yours?

By teasing “Ohohoho, look at her. Nice”? 

It is not clear to us why we should feel guilty about the time we want to dedicate to ourselves in the way we like it the most at the moment. Even less why should anyone justify themselves for that.

However, we feel guilty and justify ourselves. 


Below is a list of items for which most of us justify ourselves, practically throughout our lives.

1. Career

Surely, everyone has their own idea of ​​which profession is the best for the future, which brings the most money, and which at the same time meets the criteria that it is not too demanding and that it is reliable, and if possible interesting. Some think that it is impossible to unite all these items in one place, others that only two out of five are important, and still others have a completely different point of view on this topic. However, everyone has an opinion about what you do and it’s mostly never great. Everyone deserves respect for choosing their professions. Especially for the effort they put into them.

2. Not responding to messages at the expected time

Nobody, no one but you, knows how busy you are, how busy you are, how much you are in the mood and how busy you are at a given day, moment, it doesn’t matter. And that is why no one, no one at all, has any right to sulk, rebel, rebuke you and protest because you did not respond to his message, e-mail or call at the time he expected. Remember that.

3. Not keeping the house clean all the time

Imagine, you didn’t vacuum the apartment this weekend either, and it’s been two? However, it was a really nice time this weekend, and the previous one you were too tired. Until when exactly do you plan to feel guilty about one carpet, some dust and crumbs? You can do better than that. 

4. The way you relax and enjoy your free time

Meaningless romantic comedies? Gossip portals about celebrities? Fashion magazines you already have on tone? The fact that you are educated, appreciate quality literature and art, and you are generally interested in them and understand them, does not mean that you do not have your own ways of entertainment that you enjoy, which many do not understand, because they expect you to appear around the corner with Dostoevsky. under your arm, while on Netflix you watch exclusively documentaries about the rescue of Palneta. Isn’t it wonderful that you can enjoy all kinds of contradictions? You should not be bothered by the fact that you are watching the Runaway Bride 25 times. After all, Julia and Richard are one of the best connections that the seventh art has ever given us. And thank her! Appreciate your taste!

5. How you express emotions

Oh no, again you were overly emotional about a story that wasn’t that scary at all? What’s the matter with you? Others around you are wondering. And worst of all, you ask yourself. No, you are not overly emotional. Again. It’s you. And today’s world is too rude, gives itself the right to shamelessly interfere in everything, condemns and has views on it. As Momo Kapor once said: in this rough world, being sensitive is the greatest courage of all. And, Madonna said it in her own way: Express yourself, don’t repress yourself!

6. How much you are, how and with whom you are in a relationship

Five years? And you still don’t live together? You still don’t plan to get married for six years? Terribly strange. Are you alone? How much already? That’s a lot. Just ask yourself what kind of people actually are who condemn your emotional status. How much do they really know you? As far as they know anything about your understanding of emotions and the world. Does what they say matter then? Really?

7. How many times have you been wrong so far

It turns out that this job doesn’t suit you either. This relationship doesn’t seem to have the perspective it seemed to have. Again, your idea failed at a business meeting. Good. And?

It does not seem to us that it is up to us to tell you this, because it is certain (or at least it should be) that you already know that, but here is just in case: life always tests us, in various fields. He tries to teach us lessons and determine what we are made of. How many times you fell doesn’t really mean anything, it just means how many times you got up, shook the dust off yourself and tried again. That is the only correct way in which defeats should be viewed, because they are an integral part of life. I guess you already know that. So count them freely! We encourage you.