5 best Angelina Jolie movies

Although the beautiful Angie will never be considered one of the best actresses of our time, it is certain that she will be considered one of the most famous actresses, not only of our era, but ever!


Angelina Jolie comes from an acting family, her parents, American actors Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand, are certainly responsible for initiating acting aspirations in her daughter.

Although, Angelina claims that her father – who is significantly better known in the film industry, is not really responsible for the fact that she became interested in this type of art as a child, but her mother, who gave up acting in order to dedicate herself to children and family. , and with which Angelina fell in love with the seventh art, watching numerous film achievements.

The first significant role, and at the same time the leading one that Angie played, was the one from 1995, when the actress was 20 years old – hackers, more precisely Hackers .

Thanks to this role, the public quickly became interested in the young beauty.

After three years, Angelina gained additional publicity, thanks to her role in the biographical film Gia , and the following year her talent was noticed by the Academy, for the supporting role in Girl, Interrupted from 1999, the actress won an Oscar.

Somewhere it is tacitly considered that the Hollywood rise is quite fast, and the huge interest of the media in her love life (which was quite turbulent) is what hindered Angelina in the further successful continuation of her career, which significantly fell into the shadows after this Oscar.

There is also a theory about the fact that these three above-mentioned roles best reflected her then wild and unrestrained character, which is the reason why they suited her much more than those later.

Whatever the theory is true, the fact that Angelina Jolie is a talented actress, and later in her career proved to be a top director, cannot be refuted, while thanks to her tireless humanitarian work, timeless beauty and charisma, she is considered one of the most influential and the most powerful women in the show business industry ever!

1. Girl, Interrupted

2. Lara 

3. Gia

4. Gone in Sixty Seconds

5. Playing by Heart